Savory-Sweet-Spicy Burdock Recipe (Kinpira Gobo) – Viet World Kitchen

My husband recently told me that he wanted to eat gobo (burdock) root. Would I make some? It’s suppose to be great for an alkaline-acid diet, which balances your body. Rory has been getting into that lately. I love root vegetables and have been wanting a good excuse to try the gobo sold at Asian markets. The roots are long, large, and if you’re not familiar with them, oddly woody. They are mostly associated with Japanese cooking, though the ones at Mitsuwa market are from Taiwan. They are a lot bigger and lighter in color than ones I’ve seen sold at my farmers’ market. The bigger ones are easier to deal with. Burdock tastes like and earthy and dry version of parsnip. The slender root…

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